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Pornhub is one of the internet titans, ranked at about the 64th most popular site worldwide, it truly has power and weight behind the brand. It is definately worth checking out the Pornhub Premium Free Trial

This exclusive 7 day free trial is fairly new and is following the success of its competitors who have all been offering free trials such as Playboy TV. However this free trial to pornhub premium is more than just there exclusive hd streaming service and 100s of exclusive movies and dvds but they also have heaps of exclusive content from sites such as Brazzers , Reality Kings and many more, making it a true index of the best porn online.

Pornhub is breaking all all kinds of boundaries, for example they had the bravery to create a christmas advert for tv, but the strange thing about this advert is it was like any other family freindly ad, no different to an asda or coca cola advert, if you dont believe me I suggest you google it. In addition to this they have already stated they want to be the Netflix of porn, and giving the current success and the avordable price it is certainly on its way to being so. Of course pornhub has a very popular free library of movies, but with a 7 day cost free pass and full length HD videos there is little reason to not give this one a go!, Playboy TV Brazzers, Pornhub and Reality Kings also offer simliar trials.

The porn industry has come a long way from magazines which are now something of the past and the original Playboy TV and magazines, pornhub realises this and have little more than there online selection. The major issue they face is free porn, but pornhub itself has a lot of free content and relies on advertising its on premium service. Lets look into full depth as to why you should at least try the premium service over the free content.

When tested we found this trial gave us full access to all HD content with no buffering, along with great support and easy cancel option after the 7 day period, just as the Playboy TV free trial did

It is often the issue that you find a great video, but the free version will be blurry and only last a few minutes, just like the free version of Brazzers, the premium version can expand to a full size screen and the full scenes normally last about 30 minutes.


Almost all free videos are shot at 480 or less, whereas premium only offers 1080 on pratically all content, (thankyou Hugh Laurie for the demonstration). In addition to superior quality premium content has full libraries of famous and popular porn stars. Many who choose to go for these free services do so becasuse they are usually fans of a particular actress and are frustrated at the difficultty on finding quality videos. Actresses such as sasha grey or full shoots at HD of classic stars such as Pamela Anderson all who can also be found on Playboy TV.


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